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Presseausweis Info
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Operating like a media professional
Representatives of the press have an easier life, because they often receive preferential treatment. Invitations to sports events, gift certificates, free services, low priced cars, travelling for free: all this is normal for many journalists. Press card holders are part of the elitist circle of representatives of the press. Don’t let these many advantages slip away. To obtain the international press card, work as a journalist is required in addition to the accreditation. Read below informations to find out what kind of work is eligible and what the next steps.  

GNS Press
Additional service: you will receive confidential tips and hints on how to navigate the scene elegantly as a journalist, and, if interested, how to earn a lucrative auxiliary income. Moreover, you will receive instructions on how to act which equal personal advice. All-inclusive for you in the login area:
• Smart methods to help secure an invitation to celebrity events
• How to use the press card effectively on holidays and abroad
• Completely legal: free samples for journalists
• Your advantage: a head start thanks to (insider) information
• The trick on how to deal best with the authorities
• In-depth tips on how to act as a journalist
• Proven methods to secure orders
• The car sign and how to use it for a preferential parking spot
• In addition: the best tips about press discounts!

Our tips are not meant for you to carry out the noble form of gossiping. Nothing is more foreign to us. Yet: journalists and reporter benefit from many additional advantages which are difficult to measure with a monetary value, but which are still interesting. What you need is a ticket into the world of media, events and social gatherings. As a registered journalist, you will receive a valid press card, but the key to success is in the smart use of the press documents and your work as a journalist. It is your responsibility to know what you hope to achieve as a journalist. But the duty of GNS is to show resources and paths to help you achieve your goal.

The press card and its benefits
Why is a press card necessary for a journalist? People who are e. g. creating documentaries need access to certain events or locations which are off limits to others. In these cases, a press card makes the work easier, because it helps the holder comply with the right to provide information. In addition, a press card makes it easier for the authorities to check who is working as a representative of the press. And: many companies are granting attractive discounts to journalists. A press card may have cash value when buying a car or booking a plane ticket. But a press card is not necessarily a free ticket to events, although free entry to trade shows if often granted. More informations here.

 Request your admission as journalist now: register here and use the special privileges.  


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