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Presseausweis Info
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International Press Card 2024 /
Press Photoprapher Card include
Journalists | Reporter | Press photographer
International Press Card, Press Photographer Card, Car Sign, Certificate and the European Journalist Legitimation include. The world is consolidating, also in the press and media sector. As a recognised association in this sector, GNS is authorised to issue Press Cards. In this relation, persons who work as part-time journalists are welcome to join GNS Press. Also part time or working on the side. Special rights for Journalists, Reporter, media professionals and Press photographer.   i Option: You want no online application? Print out the press card application and send it by letter or e-mail.
 Membership accreditation:
127,00 Euro 
 only one time fee  Fee 2024:
30,00 Euro 
 Express processing:
27,00 Euro 
 optional  Press Card:
 Shipping within 72-hour / after payment      
 Press Photographer-Card:
0,00 Euro 
 Accreditation cards & car press sign:
0,00 Euro 
 Digital Press Card:
0,00 Euro 
 Editorial confirmation and certificate:
0,00 Euro 

Step 1: Your personal data for the Press Card
 Salutation*:    *Entries required
 Title, First- and Surname*:  
 City or Place*:    
 Date of birth*:   - -  
 Company name on the card?    35 characters maximum

Different invoice address? [only complete, if required]
 Company name:  

Step 2: upload your passport photo/jpg-file necessary
 Upload passport photo:    
Now select your passport photo for your press card (jpg-file). Maximum width 640 pixels and height 814 pixels. If you do not have a digital passport photo available at the moment then you can do this at a later date or you can send us the photograph by email. Info: passport photo

Step 3: Service fees und send application
 Active as a journalist:    I am active as a journalist and confirm this with: Yes
 I accept with YES:    I confirm the terms of business and privacy policy
 GNS membership fee:    127 Euros one-off admission fee include all documents
 Express processing:    27 Euros for shipping service within 72 hours
 Service fee (first year):    Icon-Kontrollkästchen  36 Euros - invoiced proportionately in the first year
 Redeem a voucher code:     Do you have an authorized voucher? Once-only validity!
The next steps: You will receive a provisional membership confirmation and then you can make the payment (payment method: bank transfer or paypal). You will be informed of the bank details in the confirmation email. Payments via credit card cannot be accepted. Shipping costs included.
 GNS Press Membership:  


• International Press Card (IPC)
• Registered Press ID card
• Authorised accreditation certificate
• Accreditation confirmation in three languages
• European Journalist Legitimation
• Forgery-proof press sign for the car
• Digital Press Card-Version (into log in)
• Separate login (agent area)
• Personalised proof of editorship
The yearly membership fee will be calculated proportionately for the current year. Example: If a membership commences in May, only the months from May to December will be charged.

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