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Presseausweis Info
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Overview of service fees and conditions
Aside from many other services, the press card is included in the cost. In other words: no surcharge or additional costs will be incurred. Contrary to other organisations, the doors at GNS Press are open to freelance or part-time journalists. Especially part-time journalists often feel underrepresented in the associations that mainly represent full-time journalists. Coupled with a poor order situation, many journalists simply can no longer afford to pay the high dues. In contrast, GNS provides the services already from 36.00 Euro service fee a year.

GNS Press
The procedure: after the registration, you will receive a temporary confirmation, allowing you to make your payment. Please wait for the confirmation because it contains important payment information (order number and customer ID). Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive the press documents within 10 days by registered mail with signature required.

A. Accreditation/registration – one-time fee: 127.00 Euro / GNS membership international.

B. Annual membership fee:
36.00 Euro – for the year of registration / pro-rated calculation*
41.00 Euro – from the 2nd calendar year onward

C. Press card and Press-Photographer Card: 0.00 Euro – included in the membership fee.
D. Press sign for the car: 0.00 Euro – included in the membership fee.
E. eBook 'Secret tip: press agent': 0.00 Euro – included in the membership fee.
F. Document and proof of editorship: 0.00 Euro – included in the membership fee.
G. Digital press card: 0.00 Euro – included in the membership fee.

H. Express processing: 
27.00 Euro – Mailed out within 72 hours after receipt of payment/ regularly: 10 days.

*Example: if you register in May, you will only be charged for the months May through December.

You don’t need to do anything:
Every year in October, you will receive a letter that allows you to request the press card for the next year. The press card will be re-issued every year. No additional costs will be incurred because the new issue is already included in the annual service fee (no surcharge or hidden extra costs). Note to the termination: possible any time to the end of the year (e-mail or fax is sufficient). For your own safety, no bank details will be archived; therefore, no direct debit authorisation is required.

 Request your admission as journalist now: register here and use the special privileges.  


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