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Journalistic activity - government-sponsored
Note: the following informations are valid only for german journalists. Good news for journalists, press photographers and reporters: get money from the government to pursue a freelance career. Open a press office or set up a news portal. Up to 23‘000 Euros from the government, how is this possible? For example: you are an ALG-I or ALG-II recipient and wish to become independent. The government is granting lucrative long-term funds for this purpose. You will be surprised how easy it is to have this money credited to your account. Special advantage: the grants are tax-free, can be used for any purpose and are not repayable.

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Not only company groups and banks receive government support in times of crisis. High government allowances are also available for journalists and press photographers who are willing to go it alone. Secure your entry into the press and media industry and benefit in several ways: free reading 

Why only few people know about it: if the conditions are right, unemployed journalists and reporters, media executives, communication experts or career changes with an affinity to the press industry are entitled to claim extensive government support for the planned independence – for up to 24 months. The support options are not highly publicised. The eBook “Sponsored by the government: up to 23‘000 Euros for journalists“ shows you new ways on how to claim the coveted government funds. Completely legal and without any illegal tricks or conspiracies! Use the complete applications and provided professional sample templates to get started right away.

First-class information: free eBook valued at 32 Euros for GNS members
Learn how to become independent as an unemployed journalist by obtaining up to 23‘000 Euros of government sponsoring to be used for any purpose (without repayment obligations). Learn what kinds of funds are available to you and how to file your claim for a maximum allowance. Learn how to maximise the foundation allowance. And find out which traps to avoid to make sure that the government money makes its way to your account.

As an added bonus to the extensive information package, you will receive other valuable services to help you enforce the application directly and without any detours at the Employment Agency.  

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